Alyster and Crystal are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but replace the violence with glitter and your picture is complete. As one and the same person they concoct serious art on the one hand and make sassy 3D visuals on the other hand, trying to bring this together into one experience. Every time the question is: who will prevail?


Crystal is the person Alyster could have been from day to day: loud, extra, a little menacing, and dead serious when it comes to setting a show. Even though Crystal isn't always around, she is very close to Alyster. Crystal comes out whenever the DJ is ready, the party is about to pop and the lights are up and beaming.


Alyster lives for new experiences, skills, inventions, ideas. It's the mere fuel of their existence. Without it, they are like a record playing on repeat, draining the battery slowly, until the sound dies. Opposed to Crystal, Alyster is more of an introvert type, analysing the world constantly. They mostly like to be solitary - building parallel, interactive worlds in their hermit cave - but enjoy having a kindred spirit every now and then. In their opinion, people in cities live too fast, being pulled and pushed by their demanding surroundings, rarely looking around and reflecting on their behaviour and that of others. Sometimes, it's like those people have forgotten silence. Alyster tries to detach our senses with their work, putting it on display to ourselves in order to review them again.


Together, they form a harmonious team of diverse skills that can be put together to create a broader picture.