Alyster and Crystal are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but replace the violence with glitter and your picture is complete. As one and the same person they make serious digital art on the one hand and crisp 3D visuals on the other hand - trying to bring this together into one experience. Every time the question is: who will prevail?


For their personal projects, Alyster makes experimental [gaming] environments where the player usually cannot win in the traditional sense of the idea. Instead, they'll be challenged in social, functional, philosophical or practical ways. Among works that inspired them to start making these are "the Stanley Parable" and "the Beginners Guide".


When being hired for [virtual reality] experiences, Alyster strives for a perfect balance between graphics, usability, budget, and concept. In concept, they create a unique project that exploits the medium of virtual reality / computer environments as perfect as possible. Translating an existing concept to VR or a digital interactive environment takes a lot of steps, and Alyster takes this process very seriously.


Crystal is a sub-company of Alyster and makes crisp 3D videos in various styles, often times creating an array of short clips or visuals for live shows of DJ's and music producers. She models, animates and rigs these herself.


Alyster and Crystal often overlap, as both skills are needed it both worlds. In art, this often time results in interactive  installations that have 3D animations, but also interactive gaming elements. In digital [gaming] environments, this usually means they are both supplying equal amounts of props and assets needed for the project.